60205 Tracks and Curves

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60205 Tracks and Curves
60205 Tracks and Curves
60205 Tracks and Curves

Travel anywhere in LEGO® City with flexible tracks!

  • Item: 60205
  • Ages: 5-12
  • Pieces: 20

Extend your passenger train’s range with this LEGO® City 60205 Tracks set. This set of 8 straight tracks, 4 curved tracks and 8 flexible tracks is the perfect supplement to your existing LEGO City train sets.

  • Features 8 straight, 4 curved and 8 flexible tracks.
  • Add flexible tracks to your LEGO® City train system to get around obstacles and awkward shapes.
  • Connect the tracks to your existing sets, including the 60197 LEGO® Passenger Train toy set, to extend your play and fun.