Here’s Why You Should Buy LEGO® Toys for Yourself

Introduced in the late 1940s, LEGO mainly catered to children with their rectangular blocks that came in bright colours. Now, LEGO has grown and expanded over multiple universes! The LEGO® Star Wars and LEGO® Marvel universe, among many others, are both still hot commodities in the LEGO® community. So why buy yourself a LEGO® toy?

LEGO® toys are collectables

Build the iconic helmet of Gotham City’s hero and expand your LEGO® Batman collection with a detailed model of the 1989 Batmobile as well as the Batwing. LEGO® have also included the Marvel Universe for the millions of fans out there. Recall memorable scenes from your favourite Marvel movies with LEGO® Marvel Minifigures like Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Loki, and much more.

LEGO® toys can be nostalgic

For all the 90s kids, the LEGO® Super Mario universe is sure to transport you back to the simpler days. Experience a whole new gaming experience with the free LEGO® Super Mario app included in the set. There are also expansion sets where you can add familiar characters and worlds to your unique LEGO® Super Mario universe.

LEGO® toys can be a fun family activity

If you have children or constantly find yourself around children, get the LEGO® Classic. The LEGO® Classic includes a wide range of LEGO® bricks with different styles of windows and doors for endless constructions of houses, shops and even castles. Not just encouraging creativity in children, but also making for great story-telling activities with the family. Kids can spend hours building their very own LEGO® city and just playing with LEGO® toys in general, and not get bored.

Treat yourself to a little LEGO® toy or gift them to your friends and family. It’ll make for a great present for children and adults alike. Check out the hundreds and thousands of original and good quality LEGO® models available to choose from here at Box of Bricks, a certified LEGO® store in Malaysia.

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